Arrival City book jacket

Like the phenomenon it explores, this documentary has been a long time coming. Author Doug Saunders did the heavy lifting by distilling 10+ years of reportage and adding new stories to create his award-winning book on the final rural-to-urban migration. Arrival City is a highly readable mix of personal stories and solid research, and moments after I opened it, I could see it. Doug had put a human face on this massive shift, and I wanted in.

It took me a bit longer – and some ribbing about reconciling my ‘grown-up’ urbanist career with my addiction to travel and production (producing for The Amazing Race doesn’t cut it with policy wonks, oddly) – to contact Doug and get the ball rolling.

I think we’re in good shape. After just a month of development, SCETV signed on as lead broadcast partner (we love you guys!); its PBS distribution network reaches 99% of US households. We have seed money committed by some generous and forward-thinking companies, and a lot of healthy interest from foundations and corporations.

We’ll be uploading a trailer to Vimeo and YouTube soon, and will have a slightly longer demo on this site for people and organisations who want to find out more. If you’d like to be a part of this eye-opening global project, personally or through your company or foundation, please drop us a line.


Lisa Taylor, Producer/Writer

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