WSJ Article 23.4.13 WO-AI468_CURBAN_G_20120117183209

As reported by Jeremy Page and Bob Davis in the Wall Street Journal, China has just announced that 51.27% of its 1.35 billion population now live in cities – a total of 690.8 million people. Reaching this point is no surprise, but with 300 million more expected to move into town by 2030 – and with positive and negative consequences for food security, health, economic growth, political stability, quality of life and the environment – it’s not a milestone to be ignored.

It’s also worth remembering, as other countries rush into the urban age, that China’s urban population made up only 10% of its people in 1949 and 19% in 1979. As Page and Davis point out, “[t]hat means that in the economic boom of the past three decades, China has roughly matched what economic historians say took about 200 years in Britain, 100 years in the U.S. and 50 years in Japan.”

What next? Read more in their excellent article, and watch this space for stories from China as Arrival City develops….