image004 LISA TAYLOR, Creator / Producer / Co-Writer. A producer for Emmy-winning US series The Amazing Race, Lisa has broad TV, film, documentary and corporate experience, with particular expertise in overseas projects and writing/editing. She is currently serving as Interim Director of urban policy network Future of London, and has also worked as a project manager for multinational firms, as a journalist, and as a US non-profit development director and UK social-media lead. She holds a BA Journalism from Canada’s Carleton University and an MSc in Sustainable Urbanism from University College London.


Karen CoshofKAREN COSHOF, Executive Producer / Co-Writer. Karen has 20 years of executive-producer with Stonehaven, where she developed and produced the climate-change series The Great Warming for Discovery Canada and theatrical release, and co-executive-produced the PBS special Global Warming: The Signs & the Science. She also created a multi-faith climate network and has spoken widely on communicating climate change, including to the World Business Council on Sustainable Development and IUCN. She has credits across all media and long experience in visual/print production and project management.


Bio pic ShumakerAMY SHUMAKER, SCETV Executive-in-Charge (PBS). Amy is SCETV Executive Producer of Content, with over 23 years experience in public television. She is network manager of national co-productions and presentations and serves as U.S. Input National Coordinator for the International Public TV Screening Conference. SCETV is known throughout the US and within the PBS system for producing and presenting quality programming like Studio See, Firing Line, Frontiers of Medicine, episodes of American Playhouse and Great Performances, Journey to Planet Earth and countless arts, health, political and international specials, including Global Warming: the Signs and the Science, with Stonehaven.


JOHN HOLDSWORTH PHOTO - CloseJOHN HOLDSWORTH, Director of Photography, began his career as a BBC Radio and TV reporter in the ’80s, covering the fall of the Berlin Wall, Moscow democracy protests and the Palestinian Uprising before turning to producing and directing documentaries. Since then he has made almost 40 films for the BBC and other UK networks. He has worked in UK and extensively abroad, on series such as The Apprentice and Who Do You Think You Are? as well as on specialist arts, science and history documentaries for BBC4. Recent work includes Shakespeare Uncovered and Edwardian Insects on Film. Since the late ’90s he has developed his shooting skills to a high degree, and is credited on many of his recent films as producer, director and camera.


scottSCOTT MASON, Director / Editor. In his three decades at Stonehaven, Scott moved from editing to producing, directing, shooting and writing, as well as developing innovative multi-media projects. Now co-owner of the company, Scott directed several segments of The Great Warming and The Signs and the Science, and has produced and directed dozens of projects in Canada and overseas. His proven ability to manage in complex situations, have the viewer in mind at all stages of production and bring an editor’s eye to shooting make him an ideal choice for this journalistic, POV approach.


Doug in his old neighbourhoodDOUG SAUNDERS, Author of Arrival City: The Final Migration and Our Next World. A journalist and author, Doug is European bureau chief for The Globe and Mail, Canada’s top newspaper, and writes a weekly column devoted to the larger themes behind international news. He has won the National Newspaper Award, Canada’s counterpart to the Pulitzer Prize, four times, and Arrival City, which has won acclaim around the world, was awarded the Donner Prize for best public policy book by a Canadian.


STONEHAVEN (Production Services). Stonehaven has delivered award-winning communications across all media since 1978. With in-house producing, directing, graphics and editing capability, Stonehaven provides full production and post-production facilities, including on-line editing and versioning. As a Canadian company, Stonehaven qualifies, along with ArrivalCity Film Ltd, for funding support and tax credits.