Watch this space for video clips, news on broadcasters and funding, production updates and release dates, and for public- and policymaker events in your region. It’s still early days, so in the meantime, please visit Doug’s website and keep in touch here.

Summer 2014: The Arrival City documentary is officially on hold, after a year of development (including some generous seed-money offers) which culminated in a surprise ‘no’ from a keen funder. The project is simmering while we pursue other ventures, including leading Future of London. If you’re interested in the film and would like to be involved in reigniting it, let us know!

March 25, 2013: Nearly there… Rough cut of the first teaser is in the works, as is a ‘proper’ website.  Huge thanks to all of those who contributed time and skills to filming our shoestring demo!

Feb 26, 2013: Booked it! Off to shoot our demo in Montreal (a historic immigration success story, and a location that won’t break our infant bank…) and an interview with author Doug Saunders. Clips to follow in March, demo by April.

Feb 19, 2013: First seed money (yay!) and our first Canadian broadcast license! Hello tax credits…

Feb 8, 2013: A little over a month into the project, SCETV / PBS, the American public network, commits to airing Arrival City – we have our first broadcaster!