Our first teaser! The demo budget (…) didn’t stretch to filming in exotic locations, so many thanks to the people producing and posting internet clips, and to Doug Saunders for providing some stunning photographs. BTW, the first music clip is by B21, a Birmingham group named for their postcode. One version of it was used in Bend it Like Beckham, a great movie about mashing cultures in London.

Will add other details as they become available, but let us know what you think! We welcome discussion and posts.

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In an interview on Montreal’s experience with waves of Québecois and then international rural immigrants, Plateau Mont-Royal borough mayor Luc Ferrandez draws parallels between the “Arrival Cities” of the early 1900s and those in the developing world today.

Thanks specifically to those waves of newcomers, the Plateau has developed into a vibrant and sought-after area, contributing to the success and resilience of the city around it.

Montreal will feature in the film as just one of the older cities which have incorporated arrival cities into their fabric – and which may serve as an example for others.

Clip in English and French.

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